Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So, what is a quick-cut saw???

Stihl cut-off saw

This Stihl cut-off saw is often called a "quik-kut" saw or a "quickie" saw. Guys in the trade refer to thse saws that way for an obvious reason-they're fast. They get the job done quickly and for the most part efficiently.

Stihl; of course, is not the only maker of this type of saw. There are several different manufacturers where the main difference is power and weight of the saw. 2 sizes of blades are usually avaiable for use, those being 12" or 14" circular blades. The blades are made to several different specifications to use on a wide range of materials from stone to asphalt to sewer tile.

I bring this up because of several questions I received about this saw stemming from Mondays post, and what exactly is a quik-kut saw. I am glad this happened because it allows me to post separately on what this saw is/does.

In the day, I used this saw a lot to shape and sculpt sandstone for walls and walkways, especially large slabs for walkways. Frankly the biggest drawback to this type of saw is the physical toll it takes on the human body (ouch) my lower back hurts just thinking about it. There is also the mental strain of using a tool that is so dangerous, very dangerous.

Even though these saws can be rented, I do not suggest the typical homeowner do so.You need some guidance and training to learn these saws and all their quirks. The noise, the dust, the whirling blade it's a real ass-kicker.

Negatives aside, the tool will do a lot for you, and has a lot of flexibility, but not as much as one of those new chain saws running wet (hose hook-up) with a diamond blade. If your a homeowner don't risk it with these two tools-hire the professional. Work smart, be safe.


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