Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Garden "above" the Hot Tub

The Garden Entry

 This concept drawing was to give the homeowner an idea concerning the changes to the upper terrace. Turn the space into a perennial and cutting garden. It is the only part of the yard getting full sun through mid-day and the afternoon.

Plus it allows for a nice walk from the drive to either the back deck or new patio. A nice little pleasant walk. The trellis' are partially up on the left, the homeowner has an interest in espalliers for some apple trees.

The important thing to remember about quick concept drawings like this is to present an idea of where the space could/may go. Realize the fence doen't have to look exactly like this, of the overhead exactly like that. What is important is realize that I am suggesting a short open fence with a arbor type opening.

These quick conceptuals tell that story, and allow for homeowners to visualize their future. Or; has I have mentioned before, they may blow this idea completely out of the water. Time to go in  a different direction. Good designers usually do not have to start over because they have learned one very important thing-listening.

When a good designer listens to their clients they usually are able to come up wtih a good solution, or something very close to what the clients are looking for.