Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Vine Woman, Laura Spector

Great story in the NYTimes about Laura Spector who goes out into the woods alone and cuts down all the vine(s) she can pull out to make something great out of something very bad.

[From the Laura Spector website.]

Apparently she targets Bitttersweet or Asiatic vine Celastrus orbiculata which has run amok in her part of the "woods".

Her specialty, apparently a little of everything-sconces, mirrors, arches, furniture, etc. Good for her!

From the story:
“I go out into the woods alone, everywhere,” she said. “And I go deep,
a mile or two in from roads. The hardest part is schlepping the stuff
out alone. I have letters of permission from places like the Aspetuck
Land Trust and Aquarion, the water company. They’re happy to lead me to
the worst infestations, as long as I indemnify them in case I fall.”

Here's another great piece from Laura's website; which I am linking you to, the NYTimes does not.

[ One of Laura's benches, I love that Koa wood slab.]

Great stuff, really great imagination. In her own words:

My work is unique in that it is influenced by the rich
and decorative18th Century British Romantic tradition.
British rustic is unique from its more familiar American
cousin, in that its graceful lines follow nature’s
whimsy yet suggest the complexity of wrought ironwork.

Finally this piece of railing:

[Very nice, keep up the good work Laura. ]

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