Monday, July 16, 2007

The Blog has been Moved

I noticed that folks are still stopping by looking for info on Pergola's and such. Be advised that I have indeed been at this new site for quite awhile.

Still discussing pergola's renderings, landscape construction, drawings, waterfeatures, ponds, landscape construction, etc.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In case you hadn't noticed

Even though I enjoyed my time here and appreciated the recognition of the Blogger staff I moved over to

It was not an easy decision because I had to hand export over 250 post, and find a way to move comments also. It was the opportunity to have several pages to add additional info . . . which also allowed me to clean up the front page of my Blog.

I don't know if I'm a minimalist at heart, but my inner designer likes clean and simple. So here I am gone . . . to Wordpress. Here again, is the new site.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Linkers, a moment please:

If you were kind enough to set up a link to this page from your Blog or page I would appreciate it if you would change that to my new Blog site over at Wordpress.

I appreciate the fact the you thought enough of what I am doing to link to my page and I hope that will continue over at my new site.

Again, thanks a lot in advance. I look forward to your readership, comments, and feedback.

Landscape Design, and Design is important to our lives, and good design makes our life more enjoyable, more pleasant, and more civilized. I will continue to write about what I see, hear, learn, and ponder about as I continue my life's work.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

There will be a move to Wordpress

My friends . . . . have all chimed in, one way or another, and have decided they like the Wordpress look better. So I will respect their opinions and move.

The only real question left for me is do I stay at or do I move entirely over to another type of site. As in a paying site. Where I can have the blog hosted, and at the same time move the WCI website to also. There are (for me) plus'es and minus'es to both sides of this equation.

All of this is going to have to wait until I get back from the Mgmt. Clinic in Louisville, KY. this coming week. I trip I am looking forward to-this is a very good conference, lots of high energy.

So for now dear readers keep catching me over at the other site where I am posting like mad, like mad I tell you . . . yes actually mad.

I wonder . . . how do you spell plus'es and minus'es?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blogger vs. Wordpress

Well I have almost everything moved over to the Wordpress site. I am almost certain I am moving over there. The swag, chiclets(sp?), and buttons are not over there and I am not sure how that is going to work out.

I really do not want to add anymore to the sidebar. If needed I will add those to another page. I have added everyone's link in the link page and think it looks good, and those links look easy to find.

The page loads faster over there, and I like the cleaner look-hey! I'm a Designer! I Design, I like clean simple lines. Just look at my work.

Now I know graphic design is entirely different than Landscape Design, but aesthetics are aesthetics . . . aren't they?

Take a look, but I am pretty sure this is a done deal, unless a flood of folks say different.

The biggest reason not to leave is that Google loves me, it really loves me. I hope it happens at the Wordpress site. We shall see.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dear readers, I need your help!

I have moved my Blog to a Word Press site. To see, just how it would look in a different type of setting. To streamline, to pull back on sidebar stuff.

So I am looking for some feedback, via e-mail or comment. Which style of blog seems to fit what I am trying to do?

It's warmer, the new Hardiness Zone Map

The new hardiness Zone map from

I have seen other Blogs discuss this issue, but I couldn't let it pass by without chiming in.

After 30 yrs working in outdoor environments I can safely say things have changed. Definitely changed and who knows if it is for the better. Now here comes a map from the folks at Arbor Day to show those changes.

Now are these changes long-lasting and final? Who really knows. How long have we been keeping records? Real, complete records. 120 years, 150 years? What if we are in a 300, 700, 1,553 year cycle? How about 4,000 year cycle? In another 150 years maybe we'll have Magnolia grandiflora along Lake Erie.

The worst case scenario . . . Global Warming; that it's real, it's happening, and changes will occur. Changes that we cannot stop. Good or bad changes that will effect how humans live on this planet. How humans will co-exist with animals and plants, and the dynamics in play will also change.

So what dies this mean here today? Right here, right now.

Well we get to grow stuff we couldn't grow before, and stuff we didn't want to grow, or run rampant will be allowed to, or continue to happen. Like it or not. We will have to take the bad with the good.

So celebrate, but remain vigilant. For me . . . the biggest news in all this change is the affect on poison ivy. poison ivy (the plant) will benefit by the longer/warmer growing season . . . great. I'm sure folks who deal with kudza/kudzoo(sp?) are happy. The lengthier season will also benefit "fire ants".

Fire ants, nasty fellows-I'm waiting for Jack Bauer to find a way to use them as a torture device. We sure don't need to have their territory expand, but this will most likely happen.

Enjoy your new growing season.

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