Monday, January 15, 2007

Dear readers, I need your help!

I have moved my Blog to a Word Press site. To see, just how it would look in a different type of setting. To streamline, to pull back on sidebar stuff.

So I am looking for some feedback, via e-mail or comment. Which style of blog seems to fit what I am trying to do?


The County Clerk said...

I vote for the new one. Much more pleasing.

Here are a couple of screen captures (what I see). Sorry the files are so large.

Download existing site view wci.jpg (628.4K)

Download wci-wordpress.jpg (522.1K)


Rick Anderson said...

I got it, thanks. I am still debating.

Jenn said...

I like the new one, too. I think the scale and impact of the header is better.

Looks good.

Are you going to carry your crane image over?

Rick Anderson said...

I've been struggling with the crane, really struggling.

A big reason for the move was to get"stuff off the side bar. i have put the crane back on, and have had several people look at it, giving me some feedback-they all like it on there.

These are folks who have known me, and have been to WCI seminars, so I trust their judgement-it will most likely stay.

Anonymous said...