Friday, September 22, 2006

Another great Link

 During the last week I had several folks stop by and drop comments on several different topics, this of course, leads you to look at their sites. One of those commenters was Alina Chau who is a illustrator and artist. And a artist she is.
I hope everyone takes a look at her site. Most importantly take a long look at her doodles and sketchbook
post. It shows great insight into the design process. Which every designer including yours truly needs to continually improve and adjust. They are terrific. Thanks Alina!

Someday I think I will have to host a seminar where we do nothing but lok at the design process, 
through the doodle, rough-sketch, sketchbooks, loose line way of graphic thinking. 
To my way of thinking this is where I see a lot of CAD Landscape Designers fail. 

They do no rough sketches, doodles, anything. Just straight to the layout of the house/property and right onto the landscape . . . probably having it look just like the last 10 designs. I've seen 
a lot of these designs from other LD's where it is just the same thing over and over.

At any rate go look at Alina's great work, very inspiring!!!

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Gary said...

Thanks for the link, its a great site.

And you're right about the CAD "designers", unless you can do it freehand you shouldn't be let anywhere near a drawing machine.