Monday, September 04, 2006

Hydrangea Madness

The Hybridizers have been working overtime on creating new and improved cultivars of Hydrangeas and there
are some really nice cultivars out there. In todays NYTimes a nice article on the newest happenings in the world
of Hydrangeas.

Heres a good follow-up article in the trade from the Oregon Nursery Association

As I look around I do not see any slowing down here of the trend to find ways to add more Hydrangeas to the landscape. Spectacular colors and color form, large flowers, great for cutting, a variety of sizes, added fall interest, ease of growing. This is where the hybridizers are going.

A link to the American Hydrangea Society.

Finally this is a site from an amateur grower who really loves Hydrangeas, what makes it great is her obvious enthusiasm.

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