Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Tale of Two Conceptuals

This conceptual uses a design principle called "arc and tangent". Where everything (most things) start out as rectangles and squares, and then are rounded off-connecting arcs/ I have been using a lot of this lately and there is a reason why.

I; personally, was getting lazy with a lot of lines. Lines for walks, lines for beds, lines for planters, etc. I was making work in curvilinear form, and you know what? It was easy . . . easy to do, easy to think of, and easy to implement.

I have noticed that most American Landscapes are some sort, or form of curvilinear. Not just for the "easy" reason,, but . . because it also is the best design principle to use when you start thinking about "Natural".

"Ooooh, I want something that looks natural!" Please dont' get me started on that subject-today. Maybe this winter, but not today/not today.

The upper part, or walkway through the boulder seats, is my ode to the "Japanese stroll garden". It really isn't fleshed out here and there is a reason for that. The client doesn't know it's coming! It will be a surprise and a departure from what's there, and it is totally different from the other side of the main walkway-"The Congregation side".

For a conceptual plan I have drawn a lot of the lines in pretty hard-there is a budget issue along with the design side, and we are working hand in hand. We (the contractor of record and I) feel that if the design is strong enough-the money will follow; as in, raise the budgeted amount.

This conceptual is totally different-some Geometric to be sure but the bed lines, hmmm, the bed lines are definitely curvilinear.

The Planters are the same as in the above conceptual, to do double duty: hold plants, and act as a seat wall. Above the main walkway are two rows of trees on some rolling lawn. something to kick back on should the mood strike.

Speaking of the main walkway-it needs some work. Especially going from left to right the right side (along the bottom) is just not good. but, hey! it's a conceptual. There is no reason to tighten that up right now, until they have seen the ideas we have presented to them.

So this is for a high traffic area going into the back of a high use building on a small college campus. Which one do you pick. I know my preference-they'll probably pick the other.

I'm gonna guess this is my longest entry to date. I hope I haven't bored anyone. I do appreciate the e-mails for the "way-to-go's", "keep it up". As long as somebody is reading or listening-I'll keep writing or talking (scary thought). Posted by Picasa

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

Keep writing and talking, Rick! This amateur is really enjoying your sneak peek into the professional world of landscape design. :)