Monday, July 24, 2006

Hardscape Ideas

Here's one for you to try, a combination of brick and stone. The small retaining wall stone is sandstone from Briar Hill. It's a quarry in central Ohio. I have other pictures from the quarry here.
This is the final product brick and stone. For fun add a 2,700 lb. bench. Comments? Questions? Okay then, get started and e-mail me those finished pics.

These are scanned images from slides of a job finished in 2000. The job is in South Carolina and the stone was shipped down on two flat-bed semi's. The brick, is brick. It is not a concrete paver and is from a local supplier. Posted by Picasa


Blackswamp_Girl said...

"For fun add a 2,700 lb. bench"... lol. You'd definitely have to be pretty darn sure about that bench before you added it anywhere. :)

Btw, the "tight" patio and stairs design looks great. It doesn't look cramped at all in drawings.

Rick Anderson said...

Actually it was the 2nd choice, a smaller sandstone bench went in and it was out of scale-way out of scale. The one in the shot is over 9.0' long and 4.5' deep.

The power of perspective is lying in the drawing-it is tight.


Anonymous said...