Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sketchbook Rendering

A rendering from the old days . . . this was taken out of the '97/'98 seminar sketchbook. I have kept these books since 1988/'89. That way I have all my notes since that time from all seminars attended-save one.

I was leaving the .ANLA Management Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky one year when I heard a strange noise behind the car. The noise was my seminar book hitting the road(it had been left on the trunk of the car-apparently). I stopped the car, got out . . . and never did find it. Very puzzling.

I guess the information was so good from the Management Clinic that whoever immediately came behind, or saw it fly off the trunk-just had to snatch it up.

But I digress-this was a concept drawing for a stone grouping, plants and water. A Rick Anderson vignette . . . if you will.

So how 'bout it? Want me to build one for you-let me know. Posted by Picasa

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