Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rendering . . . Designing with Graphic Thought

For me the design process is a continual manipulation of lines on a surface(paper). At some point I achieve what I am looking for. Well, most of the time I find what I am looking for-though I am not sure some of my friends would agree with this.

So what are we looking at? This is an early conceptual for a plaza in a small town. A couple of buildings were slated to be torn down and they were looking for some ideas on how to use the space. In this case, the budget fell completely apart early in the project and nothing became of this.

I bring this up because of the plaza project I had just been working on, and the idea of the seat wall working it's way through the tree line, making it (in my mind) kind of "arty".

"Arty" -- I'm not exactly sure how you would define that. It's sort of how homeowners use the word "natural". For the most part they have no idea what that means-most likely that is the same with me and "Arty" Posted by Picasa

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