Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rubber Sidewalks are here

While perusing through Yahoo news I caught this story about rubber sidewalks. The story refers to doing something with all the tires that we Americans dispose of every year. They also mention cost-3 times what concrete would be. . . that's expensive. Especially in a commercial or municipal setting. Which would be the best use scenario.

The folks at Rubber Sidewalks in their FAQ say the cost is 1/3 more than concrete. So the numbers don't jibe. I like the idea for sidewalks and other heavy pedestrian use areas. A great way to get rid of concrete and of course I am always up for getting rid of some concrete.

This will be interesting to follow and see where it goes. A recycled product that is better for the trees around it, and easier to walk on can't be all bad though I need to see it in person before totally jumping on bandwagon.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Interesting. I can't imgine that the tree roots wouldn't still heave them up as they grow, though. Especially since they're lighter than conventional concrete.

In any case, I love to see people finding ways to recycle... and I like all of the other benefits that they listed for this product.

Rick Anderson said...

I hope this works out as well I really am intrigued by the sidewalk aspect of this product-recycling aside.


PhillipJFry said...


Here in Australia I have seen similar products to this.

It is often used around play ground equiptment, not as hard as asphalt (?) or concrete, how even its neater than bark which is often used around playgrounds here...

I understand the thought is that if kids are playing and fall over on it they wont graze their hands and knees as much