Friday, July 07, 2006

Nature as Teacher (2)

Root Flare:
Look at how beautiful and striking the root flare is . . .really gorgeous. We don't see a lot of that in today's American suburban landscape.

Why is that you ask??? Either (1.) The tree came to the site too low in it's container or root ball. (2.) Was planted too low. (3.)Mulch-Man there is a whole lotta mulching going on! mulch that is applied and how it is applied really irks me. I wish I could find some of those slides I have where the mulch is piled up a few feet high around the base of a tree. 7 or 8 inches deep in beds-but I digress.

This has to be one of my greatest pet peeves that I see in today's landscaping practices-whether it be homeowner or professional. Too much mulch !!!! So lets get that under control. For me-give me some great root flare any day. Posted by Picasa

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