Monday, July 31, 2006

More on the Waterfall

This is a view looking back down at the angle from where I shot Saturday's post shot, and talked about this project. I wasn't kidding this is a difficult site to work in/with.
Back; almost, to the original photo. You can see there are some windows on the right for the interior portion of the spa. The outdoor area is a therapy type deal where folks are supposed to be submerged up to their neck.

Looking at where they want this waterfall and how they want it, I am for sure up to my neck.

I was out in the field all day going over projects or looking at projects. Lots to design and re-design this week and we will be talking about all of it right here.

Including an update on the terrace and steps I had been showing here last week. Let me say it didn't/isn't/hasn't went the way I thought it would go . . . . . . so far. Especially when it comes to step placement. Posted by Picasa

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