Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sidoarjo, Indonesia no place for me

Mud, mud, and more mud

Indonesia has been having a rough time of it lately with all types of natural disasters. Including earthquakes, volcanoes and that catastrophic 2004 tsunami. Really terrible stuff.

Now, in Eastern Indonesia, East Java (very exotic sounding) comes an unstoppable mudslide. A mudslide that is consuming a place called Sidoarjo, The pictures are unreal, the place is unreal and no one seems to have any answers of when the mud will stop or how much will flow. It may even lead to war.

After doing some reading one thing is very obvious . . . the poor and the downtrodden, those with meager means and abilities seem to be the most affected . . . isn't that how these things seem to happen???

Right now it doesn't quite seem to be the place to live, I think I'll stay in my lttle valley In tuscarawas County.

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