Monday, October 02, 2006

Plants; Native vs. Exotic

Another article about the aggressive nature of exotics vs. what was there in the native 
landscape. The reason I post this article from the N.Y. Times is . . . no one is
shouting. The author give some weight to both sides-leaning to native plants, but it
is well-written and presented.

As for my view . . . I am going to hold off on posting this for a few months. I will get 
into this in a much more thought out and deeper discussion. I think it would be a 
great dis-service by me to discuss this in a few lines on one post.

How's that for dodging/fence-straddling/spinning . . . . ???  


lisa said...

Hey way to ride the fence, dude! As far as I'm concerned, the arguement about "native vs. exotic" goes on and! In most cases, it takes some probing into a plant's lineage, as some "natives" are exotics brought here WAY back. Did you know that even EARTHWORMS are NOT native to the Great Lakes states?! I didn't, until I read the info at this link with great interest. As for plants, I stick with my own rule of thumb-if it's not listed on my state's website as dangerously invasive, and it has some wildlife/bird/insect benefit as well as beauty...then I go for it!

Rick Anderson said...

. . . Well it is my fence . . . as I said I will get to this more this winter.

Anonymous said...

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