Sunday, October 29, 2006

An Appreciation of Stone 15

Hidden Millstones
In the above photo the unfinished millstones (grindstones) are sitting in stacks so high, long, and deep it almost looks like the rockface of a hill side. This must be where stones were stored before finishing, or heck, it could be a pile of seconds.
The shape and the outline of the stone is much clearer in this image. The way they're stacked with the outline that is showing (the tracery) . . . this could be a sculptural installation.

I really like how the stone jut out of the hillside, the randomness of the stack, and the shadow lines. It is in those area's of darkness that make the light more pronounced.

The interplay of those elements is a powerful tool in the designers toolbox (How's that for a cliche' ???). The added height of interest, and mystery is great.


The County Clerk said...

I'm with you... these stones are gorgeous.

Rick Anderson said...

We are going to try and pull some of those out this Winter.

Anonymous said...