Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Demise of the Pink Flamingo ????

 Say it ain't so ??? Could it really be happening? Could it be the end of the Pink Flamingo? This great American Icons days look to be numbered. . . . . .  Not to be confused with this Pink Flamingo.

For a more complete history on this great piece of Americana, and something that should be part of every front yard landscape you need more information. I think this is some really great background on this perfect piece of yard art. But for others where else but Wikipedia; and it's take on the Pink Flamingo

I originally found out about this story in a blurb on boingboing, and I'm glad I did.  If you're interested in going to the site where the famous Pink Flamingo is sold, here you go.

I'm not sure what will happen . . . will someone step in? Or will the Pink Flamingo go by the wayside? Eagerly sought out at estate sales, yard sales, auctions, or mad bidding on E-bay. Or will this great American Icon go the way of other great American icons, and be made overseas in some small insignificant shop in an uknown, unpronouncable town in a small relatively unknown country.

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