Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Appreciation of Stone 14

These Gate columns were laying in the stone yard of a demo/excavator not far from where I live. What I would like to point out here is the level of craftsmenship for the joinery.Including the openings at the top of the columns to accept a decorative cap.

The finish on the columns which has darkened over time from exposure to the elements stops where the stone was buried in the Earth. This is also where the mason stopped working the stone. time being needed to move on to the next project.

Tools today would allow us to cut and face the stone faster, so in this day and age columns are cut smooth their entire length, usually on a diamond embedded saw. The above columns would make great gates, markers, entry columns in today's gardens.


The County Clerk said...

These are BEAUTIFUL. I love the patina. Are they for sale?

Rick Anderson said...

Yes they are. At least they were last month. Do you want me to check on them for you.

Are you in the Lake County I think you're in????