Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Summer Snowballs, the Viburnum

 If you like-love Viburnums you gotta love this one. I was driving home from an appointment and ran across this beauty in a real small Ohio town, it looks great doesn't it.

People are always asking me about small trees, I want small trees. Well here you go there are several Viburnums that go over 10.0' feet in height including

  1. Viburnum sieboldi 'Seneca'
  2. Viburnum x rhytidophylloides 'Allegheny'
  3. Viburnum prunifolium
  4. Viburnum lentago
  5. Viburnum d. 'Autumn Jazz'
So look into this set of woodies you won't be disappointed, as for the professionals we don't use Viburnums enough either and I can't explain why. Spring/summer color, good strong foliage, heavy fruiters, and usually good fall foliage. I just don't get it. I myself am a big culprit and today has reminded me again of the fact that every yard should have some Viburnum.

They are especially useful as a wildlife, bird attractor, screening, or naturalizer also.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I have one of the fussier viburnums... doublefile... but it's still fairly low-maintenance. I think maybe the reason for its underuse is that it's a "handsome" shrub instead of a "sexy" shrub, you know? I love the texture of the leaves on viburnums, though.

Rick Anderson said...

One, just one . . . surely you jest. With so many great ones out there big and small-go get some more.

Lets start a Viburnum revolution!

Carol said...

I have several Viburnums, all bloom in the spring. Was this rally blooming when you posted this in August?? If so, MUST HAVE!!

Rick Anderson said...

I took this the day before I posted it!

Anonymous said...

Dawes Arboretum has a V. maculatum, single specimen, which wife and I saw Labor Day weekend, 2006. A most magnificient "Shimmering Beauty" in referring the dark green leaves and tight habit in the full sunlight. Indeed, where may we acquire one of these natives of the Balkans?? Holden Arboretum is the source of the Dawes specimen but neither of these two Ohio Arboreta staff have responded to our repeated requests for information. Dirr refers to this species briefly in his Viburnum text published by Timber Press and released last fall. Also, what is pollinator for V. x carlcephalum and V. 'Cayuga'?? We have intense interest in answers to both these questions. Thank you to anyone who may respond.