Thursday, August 17, 2006

Labels on the Sidebar

Specific topics.
I would think this is only as good as the poster who does the labeling.

So I have gone back through my last 50 post and have tried to identify them with labels and at the same time keep the number down to a reasonable roar. One of the new features for blogger, is that you can label the post and allow for searching. Hey! I'm trying to put out high quality stuff here . . . you know what I mean, high quality.

So I will break down into areas and try to organize that way. I would guess this would allow anyone who wants to look at; say, renderings will be able to do so by hitting that link on the sidebar.

To show you the level of sophistication I am going to here, this post will have the label stuff. That's right stuff, as in all the stuff that has nothing to do with Landscape Design.


Hanna in Cleveland said...

Aw... I am jealous! Only "special" people get the new blogger changes. :) The rest of us have to wait until they work out the potential issues.

How do you like the changes?

Rick Anderson said...

1st I am trying to figure out what made me one of the "special people". Other than that.

1. I like the labels for those coming here looking for specifics.
2. When you hit post, the post happens-real fast, none of that wierd stuff.
3. I was able to clean up the sidebar with their user-friendly template. For a guy like me it's a big deal, to be able to add/ subtract without fooling around with HTML in the template.
4. I was able to get my Crane in the sidebar, that makes me happy, though I wish I could get my other logo (WCI) in the header.