Sunday, August 06, 2006

An Appreciation of Stone 3

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The stone you are looking at was a shot I took on one of my sourcing and buying trips into the North Carolina mountains. There were several guys who had access, or owned property where large, and I mean large masses of fieldstone would be scattered on the mountainside.

Going after the right stone was so much fun it never ever felt like work. It was always a great time going after the good stuff, and hearing all the stories along the way in getting stone off the mountain. I do mean great stories. Rolling Bobcats (the machine), flipping trucks (big dump trucks) and of course the rattle snake stories. Hey, snakes love stone. It's not snakes on a plane, more like snakes in the boulder pile.

Anyway this boulder caught my eye and I was happy to get a great shot of it, I use to use it in presentations where I would talk about this particualr mountainside as my "office". I had spent a lot of time up here pulling stone for jobs. Mostly waterfall/ stream jobs, or outcropping work-perfect stuff.

I'm sure any work I do in the future in the Southeast will lead me back into these mountains in search of the perfect boulder.

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