Friday, August 18, 2006

The Designed Back Patio.

The above is a quick Conceptual drawing for the re-designed space. Very fast less than 10 minutes.

Above is the before photo. The clients are looking for a roofed structure that will allow for a fireplace, seating, a wet bar and grill, also possible TV viewing

These are a couple of very fast 1st conceptuals of backyard entertaining area. What I am trying to show in these initial drawings is this. I want to show myself ways/ideas to present this space design wise. They are asking for a lot of stuff.

To me this is the further refinement of the backyard area closest to the house, an extension of the inside even here, in Zone 5 Ohio.

How I managed to get pics up is seemingly a miracle, lets say it wasn't through normal channels. This Blog stuff is a lot of work!

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