Friday, August 11, 2006

Curvilinear Design

This is a quick explanation of Curvilinear Design, this page has been used as a handout in some of my design courses and has also been thrown up on a screen to help me make a point during a discussion of the design process.

Curvilinear is one half of the design story. Formal, or some may say straight line, right angles, or Geometric. In another way of looking at this you could go Geometric vs. Curvilinear, or Formal vs. Informal. And this discussion could go on for hours.


Carol said...

I'm going to do some more studying of your blog to help me on design. I consider myself a "plants woman" and so find that I buy plants and THEN decide where to plant them. I would be your worst nightmare of a customer. I know plants, but not design, so I would present you with a list of plants I wanted to have, and then ask you to fit them in to a design. Or would you like that? Thanks for starting this blog.

Rick Anderson said...

Clients give me list of likes and "dislikes" all the time. There is no problem with trying to work with a list. The proble is putting the individual plants on the list in front of the design process.

When the small pieces are put in front of the design process the design process is easily crippled.

Look at the overall picture, the spaces and how they relate, and work you way into the small places and where the individual plants go.

Think of it as . . . "big to small".