Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Changing of the Template

The site looks a little different because I have switched over. Blogger is in a new mode (or something) and I am trying out the new templates/system.

It seems things went pretty smoothly, I checked the site on IE and it seemed to read pretty well, and I have been looking at it in Opera, that seems okay. Once I got everything cut-n-pasted over on the sidebar I felt pretty good. With the way they have the template set up it looks real easy to add/subtract links and other stuff-which I am going to try and keep at a minimum, I hate clutter.

The only thing I could not get to work was Google Ad-Sense, you'd think since this is a google thing thats the 1st thing they would make work right for code dummies like me was Ad-Sense. Oh well, I'm sure it is an easy fix.


Steven said...

I came across your blog earlier this afternoon by accidently pressing the next blog icon. I'm glad I did, saved me some work. I was considering making another blog similar to yours. I'm in the same line of work and I was going to do a landscape design blog, mainly giving out common sense advice with some examples of my own work. I don't need to bother now, and to be honest it suits me just fine. Sometimes I like being lazy.
Oh before I go I should stick to the theme of the post, I like the new layout even though it did confuse me when I clicked the bookmark and the site wasn't quite the same as I remembered it.

Rick Anderson said...

Glad I could save you some time. I shall try to keep on . . . keeping on!