Friday, August 25, 2006

More on "The Falls'

This is a continuation of yesterdays post. This set of little falls is a little further along the waterfeatures path.

The one thing I would like to point out here is notice how the 1st falls, falls directly into a pool of water and the second falls lands directly onto a splash stone. These two distinctly different sounds play off of each other a create a water harmony for the listener. Its what I like to call an indiscernable rhythm that always has interest for the observer.

This view is from the bottom of the stream. The stream falls off into a 110 gallon tub that is buried from view. The pump in the container sends the water up above the falls that was posted yesterday.

A few tidbits: The stone is a West Virginia toprock that has a lot of interesting color. You might also notice the mulch is pine straw which means I installed this job in the South, South Carolina to be exact.

It is almost 100% in the shade, which means almost zero algae problems, it also means very few option on blooming aquatic plants-but it is supposed to be a woodland stream so I think it worked out okay.

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