Friday, August 18, 2006

Beta problems

I have switched over to Blogger beta and now I cannot upload any photo's/images on to my Blog, I had mostly posted through Picasa but am unable to do at the moment. So bear with me, and hopefully all those bright people at Google are fixing this.

I will say this. You would think they would have made Picasa compatible with the new version before offering it. I mean they are all part of Google . . . aren't they?

If you are thinking about switching, I'd wait. Let dopes like me do the suffering for awhile. Especially with the inability to post images.


Scotsman said...

Personally I've not found a problem posting pictures in the beta. I haven't used picasa to upload my pictures, I just create a new post, write it up and add the image through that post. So far no problems. Maybe I got lucky I don't know.
If that luck doesn't work for you, it might be the template you have chosen. Try swapping to a new template and see if that helps.
Alternatively as a temporary measure you can try adding the picture as a page element alongside your links.

Rick Anderson said...

I think you; Scotsman are just a lucky guy. I am able to add image if I link though a URL, so I have been posting up most images through my Fotki site.

I like this template and really don't want to change right now-though it may come to that.

What really bugs me is that I can't upload through picasa-which was fantastically, surreally, greatly easy. It's part of Google also, you think that would ahve been part of the smooth part in the transition of the Beta. Well, what do I know?!?!?!