Thursday, June 22, 2006

Opera vs IE, My Personal Browser War

I have done some tweaking to my sidebar, and made a slight change in the overall layout to the site. After doing this I looked at how this page displays in both IE and Opera (which is the browser I use almost 100%).

As a Designer I am amazed at the differences. Mainly how much cleaner my page looks in Opera and how everything lines up so well on the sidebar. It's very clean, much like my preference in how I design a lot of Landscapes.

I have not looked at the page in Firefox and would welcome any feedback from someone who has.

A question I have for someone familiar with this type of blog (Blogger) How do I get rid of those division lines at the bottom of the sidebar??? Also small buttons started to show up on some of my list on the sidebar (this is in IE only)how do I get rid of those?

At any rate I will stick with Opera and hope those of you who drop in on IE are not too inconvenienced. if you're having problems drop me an e-mail. Thanks.

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