Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Quick Rendering . . . . .

This is an example of a fast conceptual sketch done over the top a a printed out image, taken with a digital camera. when done quickly like this I am trying to convey a sense of what this space has the potential to turn into.
What I try to show is the relationship of vertical elements, some of the greenery. and any other focal that might have some importance-in this case the boulders on the left.
I also will do several versions of the same scene and then pare that number down to no more than two-any more would be the cause of indecision. I feel that is the optimal number to show clients. Then let them pick the conceptual that best fits any vision they may have had. If they had no vision, then hopefully one of the choices will have stirred some interest.

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Bill said...

How long does it take you to draw up a "fast" conceptual sketch?