Monday, January 16, 2006

Order . . . order in the landscape

This is a handout sheet for a class on beginning design. Part of becoming a good designer is learning that there are several design principles that are usually at work when someone creates a great design.

The homeowner/laymen walks into the backyard and remarks on how great everyting is, or feels----''it's great space''. having said that they have no idea that several factors, decisions, and principles have been put into play to create this great space.

Order is a third of the (order, unity, rhythm) trilogy that is a large part of the building blocks of landscape deisgn. A Designer starts with a Geometric or Curvilinear theme and builds off that decision, by applying the principles of this trilogy. Creating order, unifying the landscape so all the parts seem like they belong, and using rhythm in several ways to bring great excitement, drama, and interest to the final design.

More on this has we go along. The great thing about the art and practice of landscape design is that you can never learn enough. Posted by Picasa

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