Saturday, January 28, 2006

Is it real ???

Well of course it is real, because it has water running through it. The real question is: Is it man-made or nature made???

These were taken last fall of a 3 yr. old stream/pond project. I am pretty happy with the way the stream came out. The idea is to create a seamless transiton between water and land, to give the viewer no good way to tell where the liner is rolled up. A combination of soil, rock and plants-when used correctly. Can make this happen.

Low plants that creep into the stream, or moisture loving plants the can escape the stream help in this endeavor immensely. The variation of rock sizes is extremely crucial, there placement in no readable pattern is more important than I can describe. The other point I wish to make here is to vary the stream width and depth. Some guys are okay at stream width . . . but they forget the depth issue. This is extremely important in selling the illusion-extremely.

So don't dig a trough or a gully, or a drainage swale. Go out and STUDY nature. After all she is your best teacher. Posted by Picasa

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Jason Heller said...

You caught me. I tried to start this blog last January, but I never got into it. After stumbling over your site, and some personal decisions, I have started on the blog again, to prepare for articles I have been asked to write, and for the ability to have an online portfolio. Will you be at ANLA. I am buying Sobe tomorrow. If not I plan on keeping in touch. You are not done teaching yet.
PS I have not seen the Chief in years, who will ever stand with me.