Sunday, November 26, 2006

An Appreciation of Stone 18

A Sandstone Bench
This sandstone slab is just over 9.0 wide and about 3.5 feet deep. We used a tractor with extended forks to set this slab. After it was set I did some facing on the stone to create that interesting edge.

The slab came from the discard pile at Briar Hill Quarries, which is located in nowhere, Ohio. It is truly out in the country very close to Glenmount, Ohio. The folks at Briar Hill are good people. If you call and get Rusty tell him Rick Anderson said hello.


The County Clerk said...

How did you do the facing? That looks good. How many peirs holding it up? Beautiful.

Todd Harris said...

this is a great blog. really enjoy your landscape knowledge. I came here by way of art and found the landscape a treasure of knowledge.

Rick Anderson said...

CC; facing was done with a flat 4" chisel, 'taking off' on top and slightly deeper on bottom to create deeper shadow. 6, 6x6 post were buried to hold bench.

So what should I have said besides laymen :)??? Thanks for the post about the book list.

Todd; took a quick look at your site, you got some real talent. Thanks.

The County Clerk said...



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