Thursday, February 16, 2006

Landscape Design comes to life

Early last year I showed the 1st conceptuals for this job on this blog. To go through the earliest conceptuals, the more refined renderings, and plan conceptuals, to construction drawings and plantings plans can be a long, long, road.

This is especially true when there are a lot of "cooks" in the kitchen. In reality a good designer has to only listen to 3 things

1. The request of the client: not only the specifics, but also the wishes, the hint at, or the lifestyle they live.

2. The site: As human beings in this day and age we have the manipulate a lot of our World. Manipulation-yes, Control-no. So we have to pay strict attention to the site we are working in/on. We have to respect our natural surroundings, this may limit our expand our client's wishes.

3.Ourselves: What we are today is a sum of every other day of our life. We have to channel our experience in a positve way to make the site and the client come together. Some of what is asked for is inappropiate, or impractical, or poorly thought out. However; it is the client's site and we have an obligation to make their dreams come true-within reason. Sometimes our esperince tells us no, other times yes. We must listen to what we have learned and use it correctly, and . . . we should never stop learning.

The mild winter has allowed the contractor to finish the drive, the rest to be completed at the beginning of the Spring season, I will follow through on this site. Posted by Picasa

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