Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Fast Rendering

Two looks at how a swimming pool could be backed up by a waterfall (left) and a tube slide through the mountain (at water level on right) taking this backyard to another level.

These were done fairly quickly and with as little color as possible, so as not to confuse the issue.

A couple of things:
--The left side of both examples (hot tub area) is real junky, a lot of scribbly lines that I wish I hadn't drawn.
--These were drawn in my sketchbook, partially on-site, and colored back on the drawing desk.
--They were shone with a plan view conceptual of the whole site, and a few other renderings.

Are these perfect? Who knows, each designer must find their own hand when it comes to doing renderings. Renderings are a very powerful communication tool that I recommend highly. It was these two drawings that really got the client juiced, and moving on to his next phase. Posted by Picasa

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