Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ascension, some big-time Boulder Work

This is a shot of a 11 ton stone going into a sculptural piece I did a few years ago in Columbia, South Carolina. A mass-grouping of stones on a hillside to give the appearance of a waterfall.

This mica-schist stone was used as the outcropping and a quartzite was used for the "whitewater". Lights were added for a dramatic element that makes the work come alive in the evening.

This stone is critical because not onlt does it help anchor the right side of the falls, but will hold together visually the entire base of the project.

For a designer/builder the important thing to understand is the sequencing of events, and how critical that is to pull something like this off successfully.

I'm on the far right making sure this stone sits just right on it's base. The crane is rated 100 ton and had to be that large to move big stones way up the hillside. It will interest you to know the prep work and site preparation took as long to complete as the install. It took twice as long to select the stone at the quarry and figure out a good delivery procedure to get the stones in the order in which they were needed. Posted by Picasa